14 januari 2021

Speech voor afschaffing leenstelsel

Door Tabitha

Voor bedrijfskunde volgde ik een vak over retoriek en charisma. Daarvoor heb ik veel geleerd over de klassieke retoriek en welke middelen op het gebied van stijlfiguren, maar ook stemgebruik en mimiek gebruikt kunnen worden om de toehoorder te overtuigen.

Onderdeel van het vak was het houden van een (korte) speech over een zelfgekozen onderwerp waarin alle geleerde elementen op het gebied van pathos, logos en ethos samenkomen.

Uiteindelijk heb ik het vak afgerond met afgerond een 9, met een 8,5 voor de video speech en een 10 (!) voor het tentamen.

In mijn speech pleit ik voor de afschaffing van het leenstelsel. Het is een fictieve setting waarin de Tweede Kamer moet stemmen over een voorstel om het leenstelsel af te schaffen. Ik probeer de aanwezigen te overtuigen om voor dit voorstel te stemmen.
Kijk het filmpje hieronder en oordeel zelf of dat gelukt is! 🙂

Opgenomen op 3 december 2020 in de Thomaskerk, Amsterdam.

Transcript van de speech

Thank you, Mr. secretary-general, your excellencies, ladies and gentlemen and distinguished guests. I’m honoured to be here today to take a stance against the stressful student loan system and to plea for it’s abolishment.

Let me take you back to before 2015. It was a time where students were given a little financial push in the right direction by the government. It was a time where students could study to learn and learn to study. It was a time of deepening understanding, development, and discovering all the shades and shapes of science. Think about your own time in college. What was it like? Did you enjoy the freedom and the years of experiencing life, love and learning? Don’t you want that for all our students?

But in 2015, everything changed, but not for the better. The student loan system was introduced. No longer did students receive a contribution to meet their physiological needs, to say it in the words of Maslow. No, now they were practically obliged to borrow money from the government. And they still are, to this present day!

The stressful students loan system has enormous excruciating effects. Research by Statistics Netherlands shows that the total student debt in 2019 was 19.3 billion euros and is only increasing. The thousands of students with a student debt will enter after their graduation, not only the labour market, but also the housing market. Only to experience a ‘Grand Illusion’ and to find out that it is almost impossible to find an affordable house, when also having a student debt.

Besides this, more and more students have a job next to their studies. Jobs that causes students to have less time for deepening their understanding, development and discovering all the shades and shapes of science. Also, juggling all these different responsibilities and tasks increasingly leads to stress and mental health problems among students.

Therefore, honourable people, I stand here before you to make crystal clear that the student loan system should be abolished. To show that the student loan system is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You might say it was implemented with the best intentions and to increase the quality of education, but this is cruel kindness. Now, five years later, the student loan system has turned into a seven-headed monster. Money intended for more and better teachers – and I am not joking here –  is used for sustainable sandwiches. It is a disgrace. Today, you have the power to change this. Changing this system will not cost, but save the government money. It will give a boost to the housing market, it will decrease mental health problems, and it will lead to economic growth in the long term.

Raise your voice. The matter is urgent: students lose their money and their nerves with every year that they study under the student loan system.Therefore, this modern feudal system must stop. You must help students to put an end to the loan system, or the loan system will put an end to studying.

I conclude: “Ceterum censeo student loan system esse delendam”

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